“Most yoga teachers are really good at doing yoga but not all yoga teachers are really good at teaching yoga. Marjan is. She is an exceptional teacher and her caring, intelligent, holistic guidance is what ensures that her students–at all levels of practice–walk away feeling they have learned and grown in her class. Every time.”


Nanette Svenson
Panama City, Panama



“I was lucky enough to practice Yoga with Marjan for the past two years of my life. I remember that time as being so enriching and fun. Marjan is so dedicated to her practice and she embodies everything that a Yogini should be on and off the mat. She lives and breathes Yoga by studying many different books and videos taking courses and most of all just being curious about Yoga. She brought her enthusiasm and discipline to class always making those around her better. I miss practicing with her.”


Barbara Borges
São Paulo, Brazil



“Not only is Marjan Harbison highly-educated in a variety of yoga styles and instruction, she is a total professional. I had been practicing yoga for many years, but after working with Marjan, my yoga practice improved 100%.  She is truly enthusiastic about what she does and is an expert advisor on form and alignment. Marjan is also a wonderful person and a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend her as an instructor for all levels from beginners to advanced yoga students.”


Megan Farrell-Fuchsloch
São Paulo, Brazil



“I attended Marjan’s yoga classes for over a year, between 2013 and 2014.  I found her to be very knowledgeable, experienced, inspirational, delightful and unique. I loved that in every class she discussed a theme, like acceptance, forgiveness, etc.  Marjan has a beautiful presence and is very centered and calm. This really inspired me! I also loved how flexible and understanding she was to accommodate my personal needs, whether physical, emotional or financial. I really looked forward to her classes and always left happy, energized and uplifted. Marjan lives and breathes yoga and it comes through in her teaching; she is the genuine article!” 


Shiron Murphy
Valencia Spain



“The coaching I received from Marjan changed my life. After three back-to-back pregnancies, I was looking for a health wake up call and needed to be educated on how to treat my body. Pregnancy had taken a toll on my energy, digestion, discipline and let’s be honest, body image. I didn’t want to invest my time on anything too extreme or trendy so Marjan’s health coaching was a perfect fit for me.  She really took the time to learn and understand my current health habits and helped me outline my future goals.  Her holistic approach ultimately led me to lose the 10lbs. I was hoping to lose after my pregnancies.  I’m happier, healthier and grateful for my new perspective on overall health.” 


Christen Sullivan
Panama City, Panama



“Marjan is extremely professional, yet very personable, and I greatly enjoyed my health coaching sessions with her.  Being active and eating a reasonably healthy diet already, I was keen to explore a more holistic approach to my health. Through Marjan’s guidance I implemented a number of steps to improve my diet further, plus I incorporated some quiet, thinking time in to my day.. Marjan has listened to my needs and provided me with simple, easy-to-follow and very realistic goals. In just one month, I have noticed a big difference – with Marjan’s guidance I start each day feeling revitalized and very positive.” 


Catherine Britten
Panama City, Panama