Get Grounded

Adho Muka

“Like a tree you have to find your roots and then you can bend in the wind.”  Angela Farmer

We all lead busy lives and sometimes the stresses and activities of our daily lives can be lodged in our hips!  In Yoga, the hips are considered the “junk drawer”, a place where we tend to bury all of our stress and anxiety, and it can build up.  When the hips are tight and locked, the energy in our body, our prana or life force, cannot release down towards the Earth and it leaves us feeling unsettled, unnerved and often unsteady.

We need to release the tension in the hips so that we can open the channels for the energy in our body (prana) to flow down and out so that we feel our feet firmly rooted into the Earth.  Unlocking the emotional stronghold of the hips makes us strong, confident and firm in who we are and how we live our lives. The more grounded we are, the freer we can live.  The hips cannot be forced open, but with a lot of practice and patience the hips can slowly blossom their way open.

Having supple hips improves circulation in the legs, makes us more nimble and releases stress in the low back.

For more exploration into opening up your hips, don’t miss my Get Grounded Hip Opening Workshop this weekend.  We will work to free each major part of the hips where most of us feel stuck and tight.  We will focus on safety, alignment and achieving radical release!  Please join me this Saturday, May 21, from 8-10 am, at ATMANA Yoga Center (Costa del Este, iStrip Mall).  To hold your spot or for more information call 209.1370 or email [email protected] or m[email protected]!

Hope to see you very soon on this journey of yoga and health.

In deepest gratitude,