Find Your Power

Eka Pada Galavasana

“Authentic power is building something inside of you that you cannot lose and no one can take from you.”  Gary Zukov




As yogis we practice yoga for a million reasons.  I personally practice yoga to gain strength, flexibility, to improve my posture, to ease stress and anxiety, to improve breathing capacity, to keep my immune system strong and mostly to keep me young.  Often times, we equate being strong with our yoga practice.  This is also true, we do get very strong practicing yoga.  But it’s not the physical strength we are building (although it may appear that way) but it is our deep intrinsic core strength.  Our core, or our center, is where our energy begins.  It’s our personal belief system, our values, our attitudes.   To tap into a greater awareness of our core, we have to draw ourselves to our deep energetic center where our true power lies.   When we can trust in this inner power we can do anything we set out to do.  This inner power is what gives us the determination and will for the physical power.  It is what gives us the strength to face challenges and obstacles that come with day to day life.  It’s what gives us the capacity to manage our attitudes and how we show up day to day in our lives.  This is our power.

In my final Deepen Your Practice Workshop we will work on finding our power, physically and mentally, by strengthening our core to lead us into arm balances. When we can trust in this inner power we can explore arm balances with a greater sense of courage, ease and playfulness.

Come fly with me in arm balances this Saturday, June 4, from 8-10 am at ATMANA Yoga Center (Costa del Este, iStrip Mall).  To hold your spot or for more information call 209.1370 or email [email protected] or m[email protected]!  We will focus on safety, alignment, variations and modifications as we tap into a new found power that lies deep within!

Hope to see you very soon on this journey of yoga and health.

In deepest gratitude,