Deepen your Yoga practice


It’s been a while since I have sent news because I have been deep in my yoga and health studies and planning the launch of many exciting new things this year.

My studies have gotten me thinking a lot about what it means to deepen your yoga practice.  Isn’t it more than doing a handstand in the middle of the street or standing on your head for 30 minutes.  Of course it is.  In the words of yoga teacher Darren Rhodes, “practice is progress.”  Just showing up day after day is the progress of the practice.  I really believe that the progress of the practice is measured by how yoga positively affects our lives, not how advanced our poses are.   So to deepen our yoga practice we don’t have to land a hard posture, we need to get some deeper insight into the practice.  More attuned or connected in mind, body and heart.

Do you want to breathe new life into your practice?  Are you ready to go to the next level?  This four part workshop series is designed to inspire and transform your practice regardless of your level of experience.  These workshops will provide fresh insight and increase your love for yoga.

You will experience:

·  A deeper understanding of the poses

·  New found freedom in your body

·  Radical expansion in both heart and mind

·  Total transformation in your practice


All workshops will include essential alignment, modifications and variations for each pose that will enlighten and inspire you.


April 16, 8-10 am

Turn Your World Upside Down:  Inversion Immersion


May 7, 8-10 am

Open to Love: Exploring New Possibilites with Backbends


May 21, 8-10 am

Get Grounded:  Deep Hip Openers and Seated Poses


June 4, 8-10 am

Find Your Power:  Arm Balances and Core Strengthening

The workshops will be held at the ATMANA Yoga Center in Costa del Este (iStrip Mall).  To register please call 507.209.1370 or email or  I hope you will join me during some or all of the workshops.  If not, please join me in my weekly public classes at the beautiful ATMANA Yoga Center on Monday at 9 am and Tuesday/Thursday at 7:30 am.

Please feel free to forward this email to any of your friends that might be interested in deepening their yoga practice.

See you soon!