Virabhadrasana II: warrior II pose
Virabhadra: fierce warrior, incarnation of Shiva
Asana: pose, posture, seat
As the season moves from Spring to Summer it is the perfect moment to stay strong and grounded like a warrior during the transition. That’s why the yoga pose of the month is Virabhadrasana II, warrior II pose.
This pose is the perfect posture to cultivate stamina and endurance while it releases tension.

Simple Steps to Start a Meditation Practice
Meditation, mindfulness, quiet time…whatever you want to call it, has changed my life! My yoga teacher told me a year ago that there was no more wasting time, meditation was fundamental for me and to keep my sanity…I needed to start that day! You see, I have always been one to take on a million things at once; three children, working, studying, volunteering at school and

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