Love, Expansion and Joy

"Love isn't something to seek out with the hope to find it in the world.  Rather, it's something that we choose to open ourselves to."  Jennifer Twardowski
Do you have a regular practice of backbends?  Do you love them and want to practice more of them?  Do you hate them and want to make peace with them?  Backbends are so exhilarating yet sometimes very challenging postures in yoga.   We are so accustomed to sit at computers, drive cars and hunch over all day that it can take a toll on us physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Backbends allow us to open the front side of the body at our heart center,  allowing us to  find love, expansion and joy towards ourselves and the world around us.  

In my Open to Love Backbend workshop some of the key focuses in the workshop will be safety, alignment, and radical expansion in heart and mind! Please join me for this inspiring experience on Saturday, May 7, from 8-10 am, at ATMANA Yoga Center (Costa del Este, iStrip Mall).  To hold your spot or for more information call 209.1370 or email or!

Hope to see you very soon on this journey of yoga and health.

In deepest gratitude,